My mother's last home : Hoefslag 9, Gorssel
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Hoefslag 9, Gorssel

After my father's death our home Martinshof was too large for my mother. So she bought this house (2 under 1 roof) in 1982 at the Hoefslag in Gorssel. Curiously Hans Kay Jerne (sone of my father's best friend Tom Jerne) had previously bought and sold this very house, to stay in during the brief period he worked with my father in our family business.
We had the garage converted into an art studio for my mother, complete with work bench, pottery wheel and kiln (behind Wivica's parked car on the photo). With large windows in both front and rear walls you could see right through it into the back garden.
After we sold our family business it shifted from our former home Martinshof to new premises also on the Hoefslag, right across the small park from my mother's place. This was nice for her. Every lunch time she would walk across to the new office with soup she made for the staff my mother had know for so long. This way she felt (and was felt by all including the new director Mr. van Achteren) still a little bit part of the business.