Comments on the Saxophone Course

Here follow comments by some of the recipients of the Saxophone Course.

  1. "Excellent usage of modern technology in teaching - Great Course. I have asked my Lecturer on Saxophone to follow your Course, and to recommend it to all his students."
    Head, University Jazz Department - South Australia.

  2. "A most impressive Course - I discuss the topics of your lessons with my saxophone students every week."
    Music Teacher - Highschool, Victoria.

  3. "Michael - I must thank you for the invaluable advice and coaching your lessons have given me. I am "born again"!!!!
    I have been playing for 12 years and have improved more in the last 3 months than the rest of the time put together. Well done."

    Saxophonist - South Africa.

  4. "I received the Sax Course. It's great!"
    Gary - Tennessee

  5. "I am ejoying your Sax Course and am encountering a lot of information that is new to me. I believe you are providing a lot of good value, and I intend to sign up for your Jazz Theory Course."
    Jay - New South Wales

  6. "About your Saxophone Course.
    I studied music two years at the University level and had nothing close to what you have presented. It is very thorough, concise and well organized.
    Your advertising is to the point and represents your product well."

    Jeff - Mississippi

  7. "Michael - I'm one of those guys who has been playing for 30 years and have never been satisfied with my sound. I probably own 30 mouthpieces but none gave me that sound I was after. After the first lesson my whole concept has changed.
    Thank you for your insight and the renewed enthusiasm it has given me. I truly believe that your course ought to be required curriculum in schools and will recommend it to everyone I know."

    Dan - Indiana

  8. "Michael - I got your material and I must say I'm so impressed! Your concept of Sax tone production is amazing! The concept of resonators and registers and learning to gain control of them via overtones has allowed me to take a peek into another realm.
    I was a Sax major back in the 70's and was given a poorly photocopied article by Dave Leibman on overtones. I only saw the benifits of this article for just learning to access the altissimo register.
    But when you explained the concept of the oral tract resonators and bringing them "in phase" with the resonators of the saxohone itself, a lightbulb lit up for me! (I'm an audio engineer as well as a musician)

    When I started just a preliminary try on the overtone exercises, I could not believe what an improvement in resonance I could see in all the normal fundamental notes, especially the "short tube notes" (middle B, C & C#) What an encouragement to go back to the beginning of the course and really start reworking my sound.

    When I think of all the money I've spent on mouthpieces and horns.....Now I just have to laugh! I remember reading that John Coltrane could reproduce his sound on just about any setup. I now see how that could be possible."
    James - Kentucky

    My son and I have been enjoying and benefiting from all the material we've received from Jazclass (Sax Course + Piano Technique + JIP). The overtone exercises in the Sax Class have been WONDERFUL!!! - and a real eye opener. You have improved my concept of tone production immensely - not to mention my tone (and that of my son.)

    Since I give private woodwind instruction myself, I would now like to receive ALL of the Blues Basics and Improvisation EM Lessons as soon as you are able to send them. I would like to be able to access them all myself and better be able to assist my son and my students in their progress with the concepts.

    May I say again, your materials are FIRST RATE! - and I say that in the context of having studied with the second desk clarinet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and saxophone with the principle clarinet of the Lyric Opera of Chicago/regular saxophonist of the Chicago Symphony. My degree in Music Education (Instrumental) from the U. of Illinois didn't teach me some of the pivotal concepts of tone production you cover. You've opened new vistas for me and my students. Again, many thanks!
    Greg - Illinois

    I practice by myself and was relying on instruction books to practice with.They have been a good help but do not cover much of the necessary details for successful playing as your course does.I see tone and other improvements in my playing already as I am working on lesson 4. I have to correct many bad habits that I have and did not know about, that is untill I got your course.

    Robert - Bangkok

  11. Michael you have given me the gift of greatly improved tone and thus a richer enjoyment in my playing. Teaching the theory of operation, the resonace occuring the same at all places throughout the horn and the body cavity teaches that the player cannot restrict the resonance anywhere without reducing tonal quality.

    One would think that somewhere along the line in school someone would teach a player this, but it isn't so. I'm 50 years old and didn't learn it until your class. So I appreciate you putting the class together. Also thanks for making it affordable to anyone.

    David - Georgia

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