Principles of the German "SKAT" card game
(Pronounce "Skat" as in "scarlet")

SKAT is a wonderful traditional German card game for three players. I first started playing it with my father and German grandfather way back in the 1950s and early 60s, and more recently managed to get a few games in at a pub in the Black Forest.

The game of SKAT has both an auction and a playing element, with a great variety of the types of contracts you can play. It is as easy to learn as for example Australian 500, English Cribbage, or Dutch Klaverjassen, but is (in my view) much more interesting.

1 - Suit ranking and Basic Auction values

2 - Dealing procedure

3 - Hand valuation for the Auction

  4 - The Auction

5 - The Play

6 - The Scoring

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Deutscher Skatverband e.V. :

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