Asking for Aces : Facts sheet
  1. In major suit cantracts use 3NT Balckwood whenever possible, if not use 4NT.
    Ask for Kings with the next NT bid.

  2. In minor suit contracts use 4 of the minor trump suit to ask for Aces.
    The next bid after the Aces reply (but excluding the trump suit) asks for Kings.

  3. After a 1NT Opening bid (or when the previous bid was NT) use Gerber 4♣ to ask for Aces.
    Enquirer's subsequent 5♣ bid asks for Kings.

  4. After trump suit agreement : when holding a void jump shift to your void suit. Replier shows only his Aces in the other three suits. Enquirer's next bid (excluding the trump suit) asks for the Kings (exclude the void suit King from your answer)

  5. Replier can show a void by responding 1 level higher than normal. But make sure the bid is not too high and Enquirer will understand which suit is the void suit.

  6. After all enquiry bids the four reply steps are :
        1 step = 0 or 4 Aces     2 steps = 1 Ace     3 steps = 2 Aces     4 steps = 3 Aces

  7. After Enemy interfearence use DOPI or ROPI :   DBL (RDBL) = 0 Ace     Pass = 1 Ace