Crowhurst 2♣ Convention : Facts sheet
( 1NT rebid range = 12-16 pts.)
  1. After the Opener rebids 1NT (= 12-16 and balanced) a bid by Responder of 2♣ is the Crowhurst Convention. It shows 10+ points, interest in Game and asks Opener to describe his hand in more detail.

  2. Opener's reply priorities are :
    1. Bid his 4-card suit if unable to have done this before
    2. Show 3-card support for Responder's major suit
    3. Show a stopper in a side suit
    4. Rebid his own suit with none of the above

    Opener's replies at the 2-level show 12-13 pts.

    Opener's reply of 2NT shows 14 pts. exactly
          (Responder's 3♣ is then Stayman)

    Opener's replies at the 3-level show 15-16 pts.

  3. After Opener's rebid of 1NT : Responder's reply of 2♦, 2♥, 2♠ or 3♣ shows a weak (6-10) unbalanced hand.

  4. After Opener's rebid of 1NT : Responder's reply of 3♦ or higher shows a strong 2-suited unbalanced hand (5-5 or better) with interest in Game or Slam.

© 2015 Michael Furstner