Game-try DBL : Facts sheet

Law of Total Tricks
When playing in a trump contract, the total number of tricks that can be made in the same Deal by the two sides (each in its best suit) is equal to the total number of trumps held in these two suits.
Jean-Rene Vernes

  1. The Law of Total tricks infers that when the HCP are not unequally divided between the two sides :
          the tricks a side will make is equal to their total number of trumps.

  2. Variations of the above guide may occur depending on the relative position of Kings with respect to their Aces in the four hands.

  3. After either side has bid and raised a suit :
    1. another raise of that suit is competitive only, and not invitational
      For example :   1♥ - (1♠) - 2♥ - (2♠) - 3♥

    2. a double is a Game-try DBL and invites Partner to Game
      For example :   1♥ - (1♠) - 2♥ - (2♠) - DBL
      (The Game-try Double replaces the normal Invitation bid of 3♥ or 3♠.)

    3. Partner responds to a Game-try DBL
      1. with 3♥ or 3♠ : when minimum
      2. with 4♥ or 4♠ : when maximum

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