The legendary Italian "Blue Team" from the 1950s and 1960s
Dominating European and World bridge events from 1956 until 1969.

Based on extensive research the Blue Team (from Rome) developed their unique bidding system, which included Roman Key Cards and Multi Cues, two brilliant ideas, still widely used up to today.

Their system also included the strong 1NT opening bid of 1NT = 17-20 pts.
This was later used by Ron Klinger in his Power System, and more recently by us in the Social Bridge System.

The Blue Team 2♦ (also know as the Neapolitan 2♦) was a 4441 hand with 17+HCP.
It is therefore very appropriate that we include this type of hand in our Multi 2♦ selection.

Bottom to Top :
Leea DuPont, Benito Garozzo, Massimo D'Alelio, Giorgio Belladonna, Pietrot Forquet, Walter Averelli, Carl'Alberto Perroux.

Lea DuPont Benito Garozzo Massimo D'Alelio Giorgio Belladonna Pietrot Forquet Walter Averelli Carl Alberto Perroux