Weak & Strong 2 Opening bids - Facts

The Strong 2♣ Opening bid
Shows 23+ points and/or 3 losers or less (or 10 tricks). It is a Game force bid.
The conventional 2♦ response, shows 0-7 HCP.
All other responses show 8+ HCP, and a Slam contract is likely.
Bidding priorities (for both Responder and Opener) :
1. Bid 5+card major suit
2. BId NT without 5-card major, but may have 4-card major
3. Bid 5+card minor suit, without 4-card major
After 2 NT → 2♣ is Stayman     4NT = Blackwood or Roman Keycards

Weak 2♥ and 2♠ Opening bids
Are pre-emptive bids at the 2-level of a major suit ( and ♠) only !
It shows 6-10 HCP
A 6+card suit headed Q 10 or better.
The hand must contain 7 or 8 losers.

Do not open with a Weak 2
in 1st or 2nd position when holding a second 4-card major
with 6 losers or less   Bid then either 1 in the suit or a pre-emptive 3.
You can use Weak Two bids :
  1. As an Opening bid

  2. As a jump shift Response to Partner's Opening

  3. As a jump shift Overcall after an Enemy Opening
    (In such case you also may use a weak 2♦)

Responder's reply to a Weak 2 Opening
With less than 15 points Responder will usually Pass.
With a better hand Responder can either bid Game direct or use the Ogust Convention (bidding "2NT"), asking Partner to describe his hand.

With no Overcalls from the Opposition a raise to the 3-level is invitational.
A bid of 3 NT is to play.

After Opponents Overcall :
a raise to the 3-level is competitive only.
Responder's Double is a Game-try Double.
Opener bids Game when maximum (8-10 HCP, or 7 losers).
© 2015 Michael Furstner