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IF 1 - About In Focus

To become a good, efficient and creative Jazz musician one must develop a multitude of skills.

  1. Basic skills of instrumental technique (tone, articulation, timing, fluency) and general musicianship.

  2. Automatic knowledge and facility over a range of scales, chords and chord progressions.

  3. The ability to play interesting and creative musical phrases.

The Jazclass books and Courses cover all these aspects in considerable detail.

1focus/if001.gifThe best way to make progress on all fronts is to do a little bit of work on a range of skills each time you practise.
This way you will cover all aspects at least once within the period of a week.

Over time all these individual skills will gradually blend together to convert you into a competent Jazz performer.

To make this happen it is necessary to pratise regularly over a period of time.
The length of each practice session is not that important (even a 15 minute session can be beneficial) but the regularity of practice is essential. You should aim to practise 4 - 5 days each week.

To help you cover a range of different subjects I discuss in In Focus one exercise or one subject to focus on especially during a two week period. If that is all you can do (for example during a busy period at work, school or Uni) you still have managed to keep your practice momentum going and made some progress.

Each fortnight we focus on a different subject. Subjects cover a wide range of musical subjects : scales, breathing, rhythmic skills, chords, articulation, timing, improvisation, and so on.

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IF 2 - Regular files

General files Manuscript Paper Key Signatures Circle of 5ths
PaL tracks (Co5ths) Major triads - 1 bar Major triads - 4 bars Major 7th - 4 bars
Dom 7th - 8 bars Dom 7th - 4 bars Minor 7th - 4 bars
Metronomes MM = 40 MM = 45 MM = 50
MM = 55 MM = 60 MM = 65
MM = 70 MM = 80
Basic 12 bar Blues In C

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