READING MUSIC 10 - Quiz Answers

  1. A scale is a series of notes in step wise order.

  2. The Tonic.

  3. Four notes within the span of a perfect 4th (5 semitones).

  4. tone - tone - semitone | tone | tone - tone - semitone

  5. One or more flats or sharps placed after the Clef at the beginning of each line.

  6. The key signature.

  7. A sharp placed on the top line of Treble Clef staff, or one line below the top on the Bass Clef staff.

  8. No flat or sharp are shown.

  9. A flat on the middle line of the Treble Clef staff, or on the second line from the bottom on the Bass Clef staff.

  10. One and a half beats in 4/4 time.

  11. Yes, it increases the duration of the rest by half its length.

  12. The Bossa Nova.

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