Exercise 3.2
Write on a copy of Answer Sheet 2 the following notes.
(First draw a Treble Clef at the start of each staff.)
(Notes in red are located on lines, all other notes are in spaces)
This exercise includes the D below, and the G above the Treble Clef staff.

1=D2=A3=G4=C5=A6=F 7=E8=D9=C10=G11=A12=G
13=G 14=E 15=F 16=B 17=E 18=D 19=G 20=F 21=E 22=B 23=G 24=D

25=D 26=G 27=G 28=A 29=E 30=B 31=G 32=F 33=B 34=D 35=G 36=E
37=F 38=C 39=D 40=B 41=G 42=F 43=G 44=F 45=E 46=A 47=C 48=D

49=E 50=B 51=D 52=A 53=C 54=E 55=F 56=D 57=D 58=G 59=G 60=F
61=B 62=G 63=G 64=C 65=D 66=G 67=F 68=C 69=E 70=A 71=B 72=D

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