READING MUSIC 7 - Quiz Answers

  1. It increases the note length by half its value.

  2. Three beats of a crotchet length.

  3. Also three crotchet beats.

  4. The waltz (slow waltz, Vienna waltz).

  5. No, because its duration is 4 crotchet beats.

  6. No, because it spans across the centre point of the bar.

  7. One crotchet and one minim.

  8. One crotchet and one dotted minim.

  9. To combine the lengths of two notes into one single note.
    This allows notes to be sounded across bar lines.

  10. No, only the note at the beginning of the tie is articulated.

  11. To repeat a section of the music. This way the same music need not be printed twice.

  12. With only one repeat sign present the repeat starts from the beginning of the piece of music.

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