Other Tips and Recommendations

Prop shaft with inserted split pin
Make sure the split pin is made from rust proof steel.
Extra equipment worth considering
Kill switch
Pull start (check rope from time to time)
Automatic bilge pump
Portable fire extinguisher of at least 2kg
Solar panel charger
Spare propeller
Drill hole through prop shaft, inset split pin
Extra battery
Tools, greese, wire
Spare trailer wheel
Satelite phone (cost around $500)

Make regular checks of :
Boat for rust, holes
Trailer for wear and tear on rollers, winch cable, springs
Check your lights when traveling in the dark

Plan ahead
What will the weather be, the tides, the wind
Have map of the area
Fuel : 1/3 for the way out + 1/3 for the way back + 1/3 reserve
Don't drink when driving