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Thursday January 1, 2009 (diary)

Dinner for One It is New Years day, just past midnight. We are sipping our champagne and are ready to catch up with one ritual of Year's end we missed out on : the Dinner for One 20 minutes comedy film with Freddie Frinton shown every New Years Eve on the Australian multi cultural SBS TV station. Fortunately Doug has programmed our TV to record it while we were at the Cirque du Soleil, so that we can watch it now. It is hilarious every time, no matter how often you have seen it. Satisfied we proceed to bed after that.

Later I wake up to a lovely morning again, not too warm with streaky veils of cloud softening an otherwise blue sky. Lots of people on the beach as I have my swim and the Surf Club is absolutely packed with lunch guests. I managed to get a table, a bruchetta and cup of tea while doing a spot of reading.

Cirque du Soleil Back at ThreePonds Babette, Doug and I discuss the Cirque du Soleil event of the previous evening. We each have a slightly different take on the event but all agree it has been a hugely soul (spirit) enriching experience. If possible we will make this a regular fixture of future New Years Eves to come.

Later in the evening as I flick through the TV channels, I stumble onto the last two episodes of Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice series with Colin Firth in the lead male role. It is beautiful and the experience is greatly enhanced viewing it now on the big 125 cm (50 inch) plasma screen. We watch it all the way, while munching grilled scallops and with tears in our eyes. A good ending to a sweet and lovely day.

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Friday & Saturday January 2 & 3, 2009 (diary)

Cirque du Soleil Friday is overcast with intermittent sprinkles of rain. There is no breeze at the beach, the sea is flat and the water is somewhat opaque with suspended clay particles and floating seaweed one has to wade through. I do go in as it is always refreshing but not for too long.
Back at ThreePonds Babette is pondering on a good pseudonym to use as a romance novel writer. Like me (and most other Furstners) she feels a strong affinity to the forest, a feeling that goes way back to our early ancestors hundreds of years ago. So Babette's pseudonym will perhaps reflect that. Her first novel has passed the first hurdle in a romance writers competition and has been admitted to phase 2 from which 15 finalists will be selected early February.

La Vie en Rose After 'Cirque du Soleil' and 'Pride and Prejudice', we are being exposed to still more culture this week with two magnificent films on TV.
Jane Austin's other blockbuster 'Sense and Sensibility' with Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant, and the wonderful La Vie en Rose. A portrayal of the life of Edith Piaf by the magnificent French actress and singer Marion Cotillard.

Babette tells me she makes each year a firm commitment to see at least half a dozen cultural events, like plays, concerts, exhibitions, etc. Last year she easily doubled that number.
I believe that is a very good idea which I will follow up too. I hardly ever do anything like that these days. So this year I will attend at least 4 cultural events. That should not be too hard to achieve, even in Darwin.

Saturday it is still overcast all day with intermitted light drizzle. But the air temperature is a pleasant 27° C. There is a slight land breeze at the beach, the high tide is just starting to recede and there are some nice waves. The water is absolutely lovely. Back at the Surf Club I watch the Australian cricket team being demolished again by South Africa. Later a quiet evening at ThreePonds watching The Bill.

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Sunday & Monday January 4 & 5, 2009 (diary)

Nicole and Judith Sunday the drizzle has stopped, patches of blue in the sky with the odd periods of sunshine. Temperatures are pleasant.
An old acquaintance of mine, Judith, with her daughter Nicole are on a brief holiday in the Sunshine Coast and visit us for the day. I take them to the Mooloolaba Spit for a seafood lunch at one of the Fish Cafes there, then with young Nicole into the sea while Judith is watching on.
Back at ThreePonds they marvel at the enormous collection of Japanese furniture and great variety of decorations scattered throughout the house. We have a pleasant afternoon and dinner.

Early Monday morning the two guests are on their way, closely followed by Babette, who is back at work again today. I do my usual swim in the surf which is quite rough today and at the Surf Club watch Australian cricketers slowly getting an advantage over the South Africans. The rest of the day is quiet but pleasant.

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