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Tuesday - Thursday June 16 - 18, 2009 (diary)

Claus, me and Wivica, 1950s After some hectic writing the previous two weeks on The Martinshof Story I am having a bit of a breather, recharge the creative batteries.
I have worked on some more photos of the Motel for their website, a brochure and also a news paper article. I have also done some reading, just novels which have stirred me emotionally.
Tuesday is our last pastel painting class for the course, but I can't be bothered to go. I have learned little from it. Instead i drive to Stokes Hill Wharf, it is essential for me (perhaps for most of us) to look at water from time to time (the ocean, a river, a pond), to absorb its tranquility, to to reflect. Why is this so ? Is it just the visual effect that affects us or is there also something chemical in this. Our bodies consist for 90% of water so we must have a close chemical affinity to it. Perhaps similar in a way to the calming effect nature has on us. Plants after all produce the vital ingredient that keeps us alive : oxygen.

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Friday & Saturday June 19 & 20, 2009 (diary)

Blood coral and gold brooch by Archibald Dumbar I am steadily working away on getting all the Martinshof Collection photos online. So many of the pieces I remember from my childhood and teenage years.
This blood coral with yellow gold brooch by Archibald Dumbar was a stunning piece. I sometimes wonder where all these unique gems are right now.
I was very fortunate to be able to purchase the remainder of the collection in 1970 during our very first visit back to Holland. I was flush with money then, working as a geologist in the Nickel Boom in Western Australia at the time.

Summer reunion of my University friends We had our first couple of really crisp, cool nights this week with temperatures reaching well below the 10°C in the early mornings. The days are magnificent with blue skies and pleasantly warm at a dry 30°C.

Back in Holland it is summer and by the looks of it they have some good weather there too. My student Year Club Pimpernel had there summer get together yesterday in The Hague. Here they sit in Carel and Maria van der Vijver's garden for afternoon drinks prior to their dinner. I stayed with them Carel and Maria last year for a couple of days. Hopefully I will meet them all again next year around this time.

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