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Wednesday, November 11 2009 (diary)

Global warming I am delighted to see that at long last the sceptics (about man made global warming) amongst the Australian Liberal Party politicians have "come out" in public. This happened on the (Australian) ABC's Four Corners TV program (of investigative journalism) this Monday. The most senior Liberal politicians have spoken out and from their comments it is clear that most of the Party's opposition members are of the same view.

Although in the short term this is almost ripping the Liberal Party apart, I truly believe that in the long term the party will be all the better for it.
In short it is a fight between those (like the Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull) who take the pragmatic view of supporting the Labour Government with their ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) legislation and by doing so avoid an early election (and certain defeat), and those who take the principled view and stand up for what they truly believe in, regardless of the political consequences.
It is becoming increasingly apparent that the true believers (or rather "non believers" in man made global warming) will come out as the winners. Well meaning Malcolm Turnbull's days as party leader are clearly running out fast.

Global temperatures have been changing from natural causes, going either up or down, for probably at least half of the earth's 4.5 billion year life (ever since the earth had cooled down enough to become significant). That this simple fact is being totally ignored in the appraisal by the general public and Socialist governments around the globe seems to me a case of mind boggling ignorance.

It is therefore most gratifying that Australia's (Conservative) Liberal Party has finally decided to stand up and be heard. This is most important as I believe that it will entice and encourage many of the general public, who so far have been too "meek" (see my comments on Consolation for Popularity), to speak up for themselves.

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Thursday - Sunday, November 12 - 15 2009 (diary)

The Larrimah Hotel, NT Thursday Mairead and Lisa take me for a farewell lunch at the Bistro of the Darwin Museum. A lovely spot, right on Fannie Bay. We talk lots of bridge and decide to team up next year for the GNOT teams competition. In the evening my last bridge night at the Palmerston Bridge Club, with drinks afterwards so that it is not until 1AM that I finally turn off the light in my cabin.
Friday morning I am up at 5 and away on the road at 6AM. After about 450 km I start to feel very sleepy and the road surface is very glittery to my eyes. So I stop for a coffee and Mars bar at the picturesque Larrimah Pub. The coffee wakes me up immediately and soon I am on my way again.

I had planned to stop overnight at ThreeWays (1000 km South of Darwin) but I find the Motel facilities not very nice there, so I drive on to the Barkley Homestead 190 km farther on, but it is all booked out when I arrive there (and very very expensive anyway).
By this time it is just over an hour before sunset and I hate driving at night because of the huge danger of hitting a kangaroo on the road. But I chance it. I phone ahead to the Post Office Hotel in Camoweal, yes they will reserve my room. I place my meal order as well as I may be late arriving. I race down the remaining 250 km, then slow down for the last half hour in the dark, arriving safely but rather exhausted. After a few beers and a good meal I roll into bed, fast asleep within minutes.

At Societeit Minerva, Leiden, 14 Nov. 2009 Saturday I take it easy, a comfortable drive to Winton (halfway between Kynuna and Longreach) only 600 km away. On the way I stop in Kynuna for my usual poached eggs on toast. My evening meal at the Tattersalls Hotel, sausages and gravy, I love it. Paul, the Pub Manager, takes a photo of me which I email to my Pimpernel Club friends who are celebrating the Club Dies at Societeit Minerva in Leiden tonight. I am with them in my thoughts and have an extra beer on account of it.

Spa baths in Mitchell Sunday another relaxed drive of about 800 km this time to Mitchell, where I arrive at around 3PM. I book in at the new Berkeley Lodge Motel which is quite comfortable and very handy, right opposite the Historic Courthouse Hotel, the best place for meals in town.

The motel is also only 200 meters away from the Spa bath. So I have a great soak there in the warm water (38°C) and return to the motel feeling clean and refreshed. Wonderful how this spa water cleanses your skin from all grime and dirt. The Courthouse Hotel has their regular Sunday roast on for dinner, after which I am back in bed rather early watching TV until I fall asleep.

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