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Wednesday - Friday, June 16 - 18 2010 (diary)

Palmerston Library My mind is in a receptive, rather than productive, mode at present, so no creative writing ideas at present. I enormously enjoy the glorious weather we are having, watch the World Cup on TV, read books and drink my daily iced coffee outside the Palmerston Library Bistro. I do my daily morning walks around the farm but have not resumed swimming yet on account of my cold, perhaps next week.
My car is also still in the dock, probably waiting for another part (fuel pump?) to come from "down South", and I am driving around in my Proton hire car.

Received emails from some bridge friends overseas. Mike and Conny Buttler are heading back from the Faroe Islands, at 62°N in the Atlantic. They have been spending the harsh summer over there (cold, windy, top temps of 10°C), but enjoying its wonderful wildlife and tranquility.
A bit farther South, in Ireland, my bridge partner Mairead is enjoying her holiday, vising family and friends as well as playing some poker there.

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Saturday & Sunday, June 19 & 20 2010 (diary, politics)

Palmerston Library I have my regular Saturday lunch at Bar Zushi in the Casuarina Shopping Centre. At present my regular diet there is a plain Udon noodle soup with a side dish of Karaage chicken, very nice. Also 'The Weekend Australian' newspaper arrives here at 2.30 in the News agency, at least an hour earlier than in Palmerston.
This weekend's NSW State by-election in Penrith (an outer region of Sydney) has been an absolute disaster for the Labour party. Traditionally a strong Labour seat for many generations, it has lost it this time with a huge 25% voter swing to the Liberal candidate. A sign of things to come for the Federal election later this year ? I very much hope so.

The Federal Government has at long last struck a 11 billion dollar deal with Telstra, buying their fixed line telecommunications network. This will now be incorporated into the proposed NBN (National Broadband Network). I have not seen any details yet but I think that Telstra has got the better deal here. Even blind Freddie must see that the future lies in wireless technology, not fixed cables.
Look at the overwhelming sales of Apple's iPhones and now iPads. Many households in Australia are already without fixed line telephones and their numbers are steadily increasing. By the time the NBN network has finally been completed (in 8 years time !) it will most probably be obsolete, overtaken by new technologies.

Speaking of wireless. Vodafone now has reasonably priced wireless Global Roaming packages available, much cheaper than their standard 1 cent = 1KB rate. I will purchase their basic package of AU$49 (€35) for 250MB download per month, which is more than enough for me. Vodafone has an excellent, seamless coverage over Europe which I found most convenient last time.

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