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Saturday, June 26 2010 (diary)

Mango tree blossom, 2009 As I do my regular exercise walk around the farm this morning (Saturday) I notice that at last the first mango tree bloom stalks are sprouting out on several of the trees. This is about a month later than last year, and they are as yet not as far advanced as on adjacent photo. All the same the mangos will no doubt ripen at their usual time again this year, around mid November.

I had my half yearly visit with the doctor to pick up 6 months repeat prescriptions for my cholesterol and blood pressure medication. My blood pressure was very good, but I have 3 or 4 very small BCCs (basic cell cancers) on my skin which need to be removed. One on my upper arm would be easy to deal with, but there is one on the inside corner of my right eye and another one inside my left nostril which can only be removed by a plastic surgeon at Royal Darwin Hospital.
I have had these for quite some time, perhaps a year or two, but never took much notice of them. With luck (for there are long waiting lists) I get a consultation with the specialist before I leave for Europe and have them then removed after my return sometime in October or November. The good news is that this surgery will be for free, just as well, as the repair on my car (still at the garage) will probably cost me pretty penny.

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Sunday - Wednesday, June 27 - 30 2010 (diary)

Japanese noodle soupe with chicken karaage Saturday, after my Bar Zushi lunch of Udon soup and chicken karaage, I read the Weekend Australian while having a 'Gloria Jeans' coffee. I am surrounded by five or six other readers, all reading the usual tittle tattle in the local rag while sipping their coffees. It saddens (although not surprises) me to see so little interest in the quite dramatic political events this past week. How can Democracy ever fully come to fruition when so many of the general public simply don't give a damn. Anyway, that's life, the natural Bell Curve of human awareness.

A new opinion poll, just taken after Julia Gillard's installation as our new Prime Minister, shows Gillard considered the better PM by 2 to 1 over Tony Abbott. Interestingly an online survey of the Weekend Australian newspaper shows the preferences exactly the other way around, with Abbott the much preferred PM amongst its readers. This gives me some degree of optimism. It appears that there are many that feel and think as I do.

The days go by rather uneventful, I read and watch the World Cup : Holland will play against Brazil in the Quarter final, while Germany will come out against Argentina, two battles of Europe against South America. I still drive around in my little Proton hire car. But there is hope, I think my van will finally be repaired this week.

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