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Tuesday - Saturday, September 21 - 25 2010 (diary)

The good, lovely sunny weather, with temperatures around 20°C (68°F), has extended over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so little time to write my Blog and full steam ahead with my nature walks. No new trails, but instead repeats of previous ones. Tuesday I walked down to Glottertal again, then had a beer and chat with Bernadette in Wirtshaus Zur Sonne, before taking the bus and train to Freiburg for another browse in the Herder bookshop and another beer on a terrace there.
View over the Titisee, Black Forest, Germany
Wednesday I went to Bärental and did the walk down to and along the southern shore of the Titisee again. I stopped at the Sandbar Restaurant for a Coke and took this lovely photo (above).

Gasthaus Ketterer, Ravennaschlucht Thursday I still felt fit and eager enough to tackle the Löffeltal and Ravennaschlucht for a second time. On top of the Schlucht I had a well earned rest at Gasthaus Ketterer, which is run by an old, rather eccentric lady, Lydia Ketterer and her equally unusual but kind son Mike. It is a great spot right on the edge of the forest with a sunny terrace which overlooks the bubbling Ravenna.
From here I phoned Wivica to meet me at the Hinterzarten Railway station in 50 minutes. She did not know these two lovely rest spots at the Titisee and the Schlucht, so we drove to both places with her car.

The weather for the rest of the week, as predicted, is overcast, cold, rainy. So Friday I stayed at home, reading and watching TV. No way you see me outside. Today, Saturday much the same this morning if not worse. As I look outside my window we are in a thick fog and I can hardly see a thing. Later Wivica will pick me up to go into the village for a few chores and this evening I booked a table at the Waldcafé for our last dinner together before I leave on Monday.

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