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Tuesday - Sunday, May 1 - 6 2012 (diary)

San Sebastian and Bayonne Not long to go now and I am on my way to Germany. The weather is rather changeable in the Black Forest at present, lovely one day, cold the next. But I will only be there for one week, then I'm on to the Mediterranean.

I have just about everything planned and organised now except for one segment. After my pilgrims walk I have to travel from Santiago to Holland. I can either do that in one go, non stop by train taking 28 hours, or do it in two separate days.

I would like to stop over for a few days in the Southern French town of Bayonne (famous for its chocolates and, less sweet, the invention of the bayonet, so writes the LPG). However the earliest train from Santiago reaches San Sebastian at half past 8 in the evening and there appears to be no direct connection (by either bus or train) to Bayonne that evening. This means first another night or two in San Sebastian before I can head on to Bayonne. I am still checking this out.

MY holiday apartment in Sankt Peter I have written a web page showing my favourite hotels in Germany, which received quite a bit of interest already, including from a consultant from Flight Centre (in Australia), who is now recommending the page to her customers visiting Germany. It are seven great places to stay while in Germany, so check it out.

Otherwise I have been very busy with bridge conducting one Beginners lesson this Saturday and an Intermediate session on Sunday. One more Beginners lesson to do next Saturday and I have fulfilled all my commitments. Several new people are already lining up for my next Beginners course probably starting in September.

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Monday - Thursday, May 7 - 10 2012 (diary)

I have now planned and organised my complete trip to Europe. My itinerary is :

  1. May 19 : Flight Darwin (Jetstar) - Singapore (Lufthansa) - Frankfurt

  2. May 20-25 : Sankt Peter (Black Forest) - Steingrubenhof

  3. May 26-31 : Saintes Maries de la Mer (Camargue, S France) - Hotel Mediterranee

  4. June 1 : Bayonne (SW France) - Hotel Cote Basque

  5. June 2-8 : San Sebastian (NE Spain) Pension Edorta

  6. June 9 : Astorga (central N Spain) - Casa de Tepa

  7. June 10-14 : Walking segments of the Camino from Astorga to Santiago

  8. June 15 : Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) - Hotel Monumento San Francisco

  9. June 16-17 : San Sebastian (NE Spain) - Pension La Perla

  10. June 18-19 : Bayonne (SW France) Hotel Cote Basque

  11. June 20-21 : Ulvenhout (Netherlands) staying with friends (Jaap van der Goes)

  12. June 22-26 : Gorssel (Netherlands) staying with friends (Dick Matthes)

  13. June 27-30 : Baden Baden (S Germany) - Hotel am Markt

  14. July 1-22 : Sankt Peter (Black Forest) - Steingrubenhof

  15. July 23-25 : Flight back Frankfurt (Lufthansa) - Singapore (Jetstar) - Darwin

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