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Saturday - Tuesday, September 1 - 4 2012 (diary)

Water lilies in a Durack park lagoon The weather is still perfect here, blue sky, warm afternoons (30-36°C) with low humidity and lovely cool nights (18- 19°C). As soon as the sun is down I open windows and door to let the wonderful fresh air in which I enjoy all night.

I keep up my daily walking regime and also let the two Pauls know that I will most likely be in the running for a walking tour along the Spanish Costa Brava (NE Spain around Barcelona) with them in September 2014.

When you get into your 70s it is important of course to keep fit (through exercise), keep your mind active, but also to plan ahead in order to create an active time span in front of you. This is most important I believe. So like two years ago I am already contemplating my next trip to Europe and where I hope to visit new places.

Spain Depending on the time frame of the Costa Brava walk I may do a quick dash by boat from Barcelona to Mallorca where, according to the LPG Hiking in Spain guide some interesting (and not too long) walks can be made. From there it is easy to fly across to Amsterdam and visit my friends in Holland.

I have been rather disappointed by the lethargic attitude of my University friends in Holland. They did show little interest in my proposed hunebedden excursion for this year's summer reunion. The hunebedden in the province of Drenthe are the oldest remnants of human culture (from the Stone Age, 5,400 years ago) left in the Netherlands.

Hunebed excursionI still want to do this tour, either by car or, better still, on a hired electric bike taking perhaps 2 days to cycle from Emmen to Anloo. But I have to find a couple of friends to do it with as that would highten the experience. We will see.

I have never been to Austria and also contemplate visiting perhaps Vienna and/or Salzburg in 2014. This I would do by train.

A considerable period of time (3-4 weeks) I will of course spend with my sister Wivica in the Black Forest, staying again at the Steingrubenhof in Sankt Peter. And as I will be visiting in September I can look forward to the Neue Wein mit Zwiebelkuchen at the Waldcafe, which are the season's specialty during that time of the year.

So, much to look forward to, and no doubt the plan will change as I get nearer to my departure date, all good fun !

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Wednesday & Thursday, September 5 & 6 2012 (diary)

Paul Hedrick, April 2008 After repeated heart surgeries spread over many years Paul Hedrick has finally succumbed and sadly passed away this week.
The Arafura Bridge Club is in mourning and sad to a man. For many years he has been the heart and soul of the Bridge Club and now will be missed very much.

He always had a kind, gentle and very hospitable nature and has been good to me since the day I met him.
We will not forget you Paul, may you rest in peace.

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Friday - Monday, September 7 - 10 2012 (diary)

Our new Bridge venue in Bees Creek I hope to start a new venture. With the assistance of two other bridge players in the area we will attempt to start a new bridge club in Bees Creek, located about 40km South of the city of Darwin.
As a first step we have been very lucky to secure a great venue, a meeting hall of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (NT branch) who have agreed to let it out to us on very generous terms.
The venue, which is is easily accessible, is large and airy, with lots of tables and chairs for us to use. Surrounded by bush land it is placed in a rather picturesque setting, and in this regard by far the loveliest Bridge venue in the Darwin area.

The next step will be to start Bridge Beginners classes to build up a membership for the club, as players from Darwin (and perhaps even Palmerston) will generally find it too far to travel to. I will therefore start the first Beginners Course on Saturday afternoons, commencing on October 6. Provided we get an enrollment of a dozen or more students we will have enough members to start the club.
This will really prove to be the make or break issue. There is an ever growing population in this region, new housing, shops and supermarkets are in the planning or building stage. But will the residents in this region be interested in playing bridge ?

Typically the main bridge fraternity consists of Public servants, teachers, University people, shop owners, retirees, etc.   Here in the inland bush area many residents are hard working trades people (the nouveau riche of Australia, who have become wealthy through either the housing or mining boom), and all kinds of farmers, fruit, flower or vegetable growers. In the main these people prefer outdoor activities (fishing, golf, bowls) for their relaxation.
Will (at least some of them) have an interest in a mind challenging activity like bridge ?
That is the test for this new venture. We will find out the answer in the coming weeks.

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