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Monday - Wednesday, October 1 - 10 2012 (diary)

Dolmen under construction From previous experience you probably have realised that when I have slowed down with my Blog entries I am busy doing something else. That has certainly been the case this time.
I have been busy compiling an itinerary and route for a two-day bicycle tour along some of the Dolmens in the Dutch province of Drenthe. I sent a Dutch version to some of my friends in Holland, inviting them to join me for such a trip in September 2014, when I hope to be once again in Europe.
I also wrote and placed a version in English on my website, providing an opportunity for others to perhaps also contemplate such an outing.

In 1964-65, while doing my National service, I was based in Drenthe's capital Assen for a year and had ample opportunity to travel around this province both privately and during army exercises. Drenthe has a beautiful countryside with a variety of landscapes (rural, forests, sands) in which a total of 56 Stone-age dolmens (ancient grave chambers) are scattered.

My attempt to start a new Bridge Club in Bees Creek has unfortunately come to nothing. Although there are lots of people living in this area, there is no interest in a mind-exercising sport like bridge. A pity, as I was especially keen to use that lovely venue we found there.
For the rest I am busy playing and coaching bridge as usual, doing my daily half-hour walks along the Durack golf course and enjoying the weather, which, although hotting up with increasing humidity, is still very pleasant indeed.

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