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Thursday - Monday, November 1 - 5 2012 (diary)

Croc warning in a Durack lagoon As you can see, a crocodile has managed to get into one of the Durack Golf Course lagoons. They often cover large distances across land.
And across water too : a small fishing dinghy was attacked by a croc last week, some 40 km off the Australian coast. The guys could not race back to dry land quickly enough!
It is the croc mating season, they are aggressive and roam around a lot. But (provided you are not caught) that is part of the charm of living around here.

We have had 31 mm of rain these past five days and a short thunderstorm to go with it. The weather is really hotting up now with mid-day temperatures around 38° C (102° F) plus high humidity.
It makes my daily half-hour walk rather strenuous. I now walk without sun hat and T-shirt, dressed in shorts only underneath my hand held umbrella. This is much better walking, as the perspiration can now evaporate naturally from the body instead of being soaked up into my T-shirt. Also the slightest whiff of air tends to swirl around underneath the umbrella cooling my head.

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Tuesday - Saturday, November 6 - 10 2012 (diary)

Crocodile trap, Durack lagoon This week a crocodile trap was installed in the Durack lagoon in question to catch the culprit, only a small one judging from the size of the trap used. Once caught crocodiles are usually relocated alive somewhere in the wild where they represent no direct danger.

The world breathed a sigh of relief when Barack Obama was re-elected President of the USA. In a recent survey of 32 countries, 31 of them were in favour of Obama's return to office, only one country (Israel) would have liked Romney to become President.

With their orthodox Christian dogmatic stand against gay marriages and abortion the Republican party still appears to live in the 19 Century. Their attitude towards African Americans, Hispanics and women confirms this view.
Perhaps worst of all they themselves have admitted to their singular goal this past term of removing Obama from office, rather than working constructively towards solving the dire situation after the Global Financial Crisis. This is a self-serving attitude unworthy of any party in a democratic society.
Unless the Republican party makes a major ideological shift it will continue to live in the past and decline. Worrying for the outside world however is that almost have of the US population still voted for it.

On a brighter note it appears that Hillary Clinton is resigning from her position in Government this term. The feeling is that she will take a rest and then start to prepare to run for President in 4 years time. I believe that would be great for the country.

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