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Saturday - Thursday, December 1 - 6 2012 (diary)

With daughter Babette, December 2007 In just two weeks time it will be five years ago that I started writing this Blog. Urged on by my daughter Babette at the time ("Why don't you start writing a Blog, Dad?") I did indeed start, and without the faintest idea where it would lead to.

And I am glad I did. Over the years I have covered a wide range of topics, ideas, family history, philosophy, science and travel reports illustrated with more than 1,000 photos.

But these last few months or so I have come to a point of rest. Mainly for two reasons, partly because my days at present are very regular, uneventful with not much to report, and partly because my mind is fully occupied with other writing projects.
One project, just completed, is my new Travel section on Europe. The other is a new Intermediate Bridge course I am writing in tandem with a series of monthly Intermediate level lessons I hold here in Darwin at the Tracy Village Club for some of the interested bridge players.

Increasingly I receive emails from advertising agencies (now one or two a week) who wish to place line ads on my popular website for some of their clients. I am interested in principle, but only for a reasonably attractive deal.
I especially would like to have sponsors for those courses I sell online at present. This would enable me to place these courses on my website for free. A wish I have had for a long time, but can only afford when an alternative payment (through sponsorship) replaces my loss of sales.   So I have sent a proposal around to see whether there is bona fide interest in this.

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Friday - Monday, December 7 - 10 2012 (diary)

Crocodile trap The croc traps and warning signs have dissapeared both at Marloow Lagoon and at the Durack golf course, so presumably the animals have been caught.
It is a standing joke that the local newspaper, the NT News always has crocodile stories on its front page. This indeed true, but at times these report can be rather serious.
These past three weeks 2 young children, swimming in creeks, have been caught by crocodiles and eaten alive.
So swimming in natural water ways outside the dry season is very dangerous. All the same many can't help themselves, with tragic results in the end.

We are still in the so-called build-up season at present, with daily thunder storms accompanied by usually very localised rain.   Our two dogs don't like the thunder, especially the lady, Roxy. When the thunder starts you usually find her lying right in front of the door under my veranda. Quite endearing really.

We are approaching Christmas, the decorations are up in all the shops, pubs and restaurants. All local bridge clubs have organised their various events, and the Palmerston Bridge Club Christmas dinner will be this Thursday evening, instead of the regular bridge that night.

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