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Friday - Sunday, March 1 - 10 2013 (diary)

Tracy Village Club I have been working like the clappers on implementing some new features to my Bridge Beginners Course on CD, which I wanted to have ready for the start of the new Beginners course which started yesterday (Sat. March 9). Consequently no time to write my Blog until today.
A dozen participants have enrolled for this Beginners course and all are working already well together. It will be a good course.

The weather here has been most peculiar. We are supposed to be right in the middle of the "wet season", but several cyclones both along the East and the West coast of Australia have sucked the wet weather away from us here in the central North. We had one brief monsoon day a week ago where about 100 mm of rain came down, but that was it. Sunshine and humidity rule the present weather here.

I have just received (from The Cloud Book written by Richard Hamblyn and published with the help of the UK Met Office. It is a great book with lots of photos and a well presented modern classification and descriptions of clouds. There are really spectacular clouds and cloud formations here in the tropics and I look forward learning more about them and being able to identify them. You may here more about this in the near future.

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