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Wednesday - Saturday, August 21 - 31 2013 (diary)

Antien, 2010 It is Antien's birthday this week (August 29) and it reminds me that in exactly one year's time we both will be in the Netherlands. Antien to celebrate her 75th birthday with her family there, and I will have a reunion with the retired personnel of our former family business Martinshof.
Three days after that we climb on our bicycles to travel around the dolmens in Drenthe.

After three months of sunny totally dry weather (after all we are in the tropical "dry season") we had an unexpected sprinkling of rain one day last week. Only 5mm on our farm but as much as 18mm in Darwin itself. However that was only a minor temporary aberration and we are back in the dry for another month or maybe more.

Just over a week to go before September 7 for the Australian Federal election when hopefully we finally get rid of the current disastrous Federal Government, which has stumbled from one disaster policy implementation to the next and on the way spent hundreds of billions of dollars.
They appear to be in total denial, complaining over the bad press they receive in the newspapers, blaming its owner Rupert Murdoch. During previous election campaigns they always got a fair press (they admit) but not now. Could it be that this is really a reaction to the unprecedented dreadful way they governed this country during the passed 6 years ??

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