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Tuesday - Sunday, September 1 - 6 2013 (diary)

Railer Boat Club, Darwin I started yet another Bridge Beginners Course last Sunday and plan to start a final one for the year on November 10.
I al also conduct regular intermediate sessions at the beginning of each months which are well attended. All up I am involved in 5-6 bridge sessions each week, all for the promotion of the Trailer Boat Bridge Club.

The Libraries in Darwin are full of popular novels (most of recent publication) but are rather short on quality literature. I just finished reading Graham Greene's novel No Man's Land but as I started it realised I had read it before and wrote about it in my Blog a couple of years ago.

In order to end my frustration of finding books to read I have now invested in a mini tablet, so that I can download e-versions online,   I purchased a 7 x 4 inch (18 x 10cm) Asus tablet, with 4G compatibility, 32GB memory, running on the Android operating system of Google.
My purchase has also been prompted by the Casuarina Senior College, which now runs short courses on how to operate these tablets. I am enrolling for the upcoming Android system course, which starts on Tuesday October 15. I am very much looking forward to that.

The weather is still good here in Darwin. We had a brief thunderstorm early last week with 10mm of rain, but since that it has remained dry and sunny, although with a slight increase in humidity.

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Monday - Tuesday, September 7 - 15 2013 (diary)

My mind is to a large degree occupied with thinking up new bridge ideas and writing them up for the benefit of our Trailer Boat Bridge Club members and my numerous bridge fans online from around the world. So my Blog writing suffers a bit from that at present.
The weather is still good here at present. We did have a total of 53 mm (2 inches) of rain these past two weeks, with our first thunder storm yesterday afternoon. Another one is expected today.

Australia is not a very book friendly place. Books are expensive here, often double the price you pay in Europe or the USA, and bookshops are largely filled with the usual "here today, gone tomorrow" so-called Bestsellers. Public Libraries too, although providing a wider choice are not a great deal better.
This has been the main reason for me to invest in an Asus mini-pad, so that I can purchase and download books online. I have enrolled for a 4- weeks course on its use, but the start of that has been delayed for a week until October 22.

Anton Chekhov, 1860-1904 My sister Wivica has also come to the rescue and purchased several novels (written in German) for me which arrived last week.
One of the novels included was Anton Chechov's collection of short stories entitled "Die Dame mit dem Hündchen" (The lady with the little dog). I can not recall ever having read of Chechov before, and this is certainly an eye opener. Highly intelligent, imaginative and creative writing.

Chechov was a GP (General Practitioner, medical doctor) from profession. This made me suddenly reflect on the fact that GP's (when assessing a patient's health) would not only look at the patient's physical aspects, but also take into account his or her emotional and mental states and attitudes. This would provide a rich source of material for writing like Chechov's.

Chechov's writing is an enormous inspiration and motivator to start writing yourself. The only other writer (I am familiar with) that has such effect on me personally would be Ernest Hemingway.

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