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Sunday 1 - Tuesday 10 December 2013 (diary)

Lapwing November is hatching season for young Lapwing chicks in Darwin and usually we have a few on the property.
Two years ago I accidentally ran over one in the dark when returning from bridge at night. So this year I am extra careful when returning in the evening.
The chicks' parents are protective and very aggressive. Lapwings have a bony poisonous hook at the end of each of their wing spans, so one has to be careful when getting close to them.

I am most pleased with my Asus Nexus 7 tablet. No longer do I have to rely on ABC TV for my news. I have become increasingly annoyed (not to say angry) about their biassed presenters and 2nd rate commentators and journalists who never seem able to think beyond short sighted trivialities, and clearly lack the intelligence to present an in depth view into politics.
Thanks goodness for The Australian newspaper, which has a good lineup of quality people.

The other joy from my tablet are books. No longer do I have to roam through Australian bookshops full of one-day wonders but devoid of much intelligent material. Even the Public Libraries (although better) are rather limited in their choice.
Online I now find a true smorgasbord of literature, some for free, others reasonably priced.   Years ago I much enjoyed Anita Brookner's "Hotel du Lac", which won the Booker Price in 1985. I have wanted to read it again but was not able to find it anywhere these days. Now of course I have a copy on my tablet.
Also by Brookner a novella "A visit to the Hairdresser". In it I read a profound statement by Brookner, defining the introvert's mentality to perfection :

"I am never lonely, except in company."

When I was a child, whenever visitors arrived at our home, my mother would pretend to have a headache and retire upstairs where she quietly read a book until the visitors had again departed. I too have always hated company (except for close family and friends) and throughout my life have either suffered them in silence or was able to leave.
As Jean Fonda once stated : "I am never alone, for I am always with myself". Very true also, except when company arrives. Then we have to turn away from ourselves and that is when loneliness sets in. *

It is perhaps a form of politeness. For example similar to refraining from talking Dutch or German to a fellow countryman when the rest of the company only speaks English. It would be impolite to do so, even if one wanted to very much.

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Wednesday 11 - Friday 20 December 2013 (diary)

TB Bridge Club Christmas dinner, 2013 Perhaps more than any other club in Darwin, the Trailer Boat Club is a real club for all its members. This was exemplified by the free Christmas dinner they put on for all their members this past Sunday evening.
Our budding new Bridge Club took full advantage of that and 25 of us reserved a special table for this event.
The Buffet meal provided was absolutely smashing and enjoyed by all.

The sudden rainstorm, which predictably broke out just when the meal was being served, only added to the fun, with the bridge club confiscating the Boardroom to eat our meal under cover.

TB Bridge Club Christmas dinner, 2013 For next year I am preparing for four different streams of activities for the bridge club.
First and foremost of course our regular bridge sessions (at present three days each week) will continue with attendances steadily rising.
Secondly I will step up my teaching efforts, with back to back Beginners courses plus four Intermediate lessons each month.
Thirdly I have set out a program of social events spaced at regular intervals throughout the year.
And lastly I will start training up experience in running the bridge : session directors, score masters and even new bridge teachers.   All the above will certainly keep me occupied, but will consolidate our new club and set it on a steady course of growth into the future.

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Saturday 21 - Tuesday 31 December 2013 (diary)

Boxing Day bridge on Stokes Hill Wharf, 2013 Weatherwise we have had quite a wonderful month here in Darwin. Only about half the amount of rain (244 mm, 10 inches) compared to the previous month. Temperatures throughout the month rather pleasant with some alternating sunny and overcast periods each day.

The bridge club is now growing strongly with good attendances and a great atmosphere at each and every session. A small group of use got together at the popular Stokes Hill Wharf on Boxing Day (Dec.26) for a meal and some bridge which was enjoyed by all.

The past year my mind has been very much occupied on all activities concerning the new bridge club. I enjoy doing this and it keeps me very busy (but unfortunately my blog writing has suffered as a result of it).
Our new club provides a real and very pleasant alternative to the competitive (and at times rather unpleasant) attitudes of the established bridge clubs in town.

In 2014 I will continue to teach both new beginners and more experiences players and also am in the process of training more Directors, Scoremasters and even Bridge teachers, to set our club on a path of uninterrupted growth . Several fun Social events are also planned for this year.

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