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Wednesday - Friday, November 1-3 2017 (page 322)

El Tall Handicraft shop, Mijas
Pottery in the El Taller Handicraftshop, Mijas Peublo

The past 15 years I first lived in a tent, then in a modest cabin on the Mango farm in Virginia.
These past 5 months I have shifted from one place to the other (house sitting, Holiday apartments, hotels), until now (at Vista Mar 10, Mijas Peublo) I find myself again in a more permanent location, and one much more luxurious than I have been used to.
It is something to get used to, but not an unpleasant experience. I believe that in the long term I will return to my more familiar "minimalist" existence. I just hate to spend money on something I can do without.
But then, the rent I pay here is less than the cost of a powered tent site in any caravan park in Darwin or on Australia's East coast. So I can fully enjoy this luxurious experience also from a savings perspective.

Thursday my neighbors give me a lift to Fuengirola, where I am successful in getting a new mobile phone. So I am in a much safer situation than I was before.
I return to Mijas by bus and, after a drink and tapa in Bar Carmen near the Mijas bus stop, I buy some groceries, drinks etc. in the nearby shop. The Taxi stand in Mijas is right next to the bus stop and after a while I do get a taxi ride home with Taxi Mijas.
As we cruise through the narrow streets, Antonio, the cab driver, waves at a passer by every 10 seconds or so. "You must know a few people here." I ask. "Yes" he replies, "I have lived in Mijas all my life."
A very nice guy. "Call us anytime 24/7" he advises. And I will sure do that. I am still hesitant about the short but steeply inclined road to the Plaza de la Constitution at present. For only 5 Euro I can get a taxi from my apartment to the Plaza Virgen de la Peña anytime.

The narrow Calles (roads) in the old town must initially have been designed to let one donkey or horse driven cart through the streets. These days they are just wide enough to let one car drive through.
Most of these streets are therefore one-way, so that when walking through one and you hear a car, you always know from which direction it is coming. To let the car pass one usually has to step aside, standing (or keeping) close to one of the

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Saturday - Tuesday, November 4-7 2017 (page 322)

Tuk Tuks in Mijas Saturday
Finally some rain. It started last night late with a thunderstorm which continued intermitted until this morning. Then alternating periods of overcast, some sun coming through and rain.
I am starting to feel more at home in my apartment. It is a cosy place, good to remain when the weather is bad.

Shown above the Tuk Tuk electric driven vehicles which, besides the horse drawn carriages and donkeys, provide the third mode of tourist transport in Mijas Peublo. You find the tuk tuks and horse driven carriages also in Fuengirola and other places, but the donkey taxis are unique to Mijas.

As forecast I wake up to a bright and sunny day with no clouds at all. However the temperature is gradually getting cooler here. Although still just below the 20° C, it is out off my tropical comfort zone weather.
We will have to see over the next 4 or 5 months or so, but at present I believe they get more sunshine here than on the Australian Sunshine Coast.

Ariel 3in1 pod I am a real coward as far as electronic devices are concerned. Too scared to press the wrong button and stuff everything up. But I did have a few wins here.
After several visits on-line I now get around fine on my new mobile phone, a Nokia 3310.
I also read the instructions for the brand new front loading (ZANUSSI) washing machine, connected it properly and completed my first wash.
On Jane's advise I purchased a box of Ariel washing capsules, so called '3-in-1 pods' (shown on the right). They are popular in the UK, but I have never seen them in Australia. You just throw one of these plastic gel coated capsules in the bottom of the washing machine, throw you clothes on top of it and off you go. The capsule slowly dissolves and releases first cleaning liquid, then softener, then something else.
The washing looks OK when I take it out this morning.

Later this moning I call a taxi with my mobile, which arrives within 10 minutes. I get dropped off at the Plaza Virgen de la Peña, have a delicious Gaspacho at Bar La Piedra, followed by a glass of Soberano. Fortified I do some shopping and get a taxi back home. This all works fine for me and I am happy.

First morning light starts here around 8.30am at this time og the year, However it is a full hour later before the sun bathes the upper part of the mountain in bright sunshine.
As I sit at my breakfast table in the lounge, around 10am in the morning, I hugely enjoy the view across countryside and sea with a clear blue sky above it.
The Wifi was suddenly turned off yesterday morning, perhaps inadvertedly by the cleaners. So I have to get my own sorted soon.

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Wednesday, November 8 2017 (page 322)

French jewlery in El Taller
14 crt gold plated French jewelry in El Taller Handicraft shop, Mijas Peublo

Vista Mar is a string shaped complex of some 80+ apartments in the western part of Mijas Peublo, overlooking (as the name implies) the Mediterranean sea.
My apartment is on the Eastern end of the 2-story complex and located right underneath the overhanging La Muralla Botanical garden.
I share the entrance portal (locked with electric security gate) with 3 other apartments. Jane & Kevin and I occupy the two upper apartments. The Apartment underneath J & K is empty, while the one underneath mine is occupied by a Spanish nurse, Rosie (Rosollo ?), with her 87 year old mother. A carer is looking after the mother as Rosie still works.

Yesterday I finally managed to catch up with Rosie to introduce myself. She invited me in and we shared a scotch & coke at the dining table, while Rosie's mum was gently moving back and forth in her rocking chair watching TV.
At first impression Rosie is a remarkable woman, small, blond (?), attractive and intelligent. She grew up in Lausanne she tells me, lived in India, spent 4 months in Japan learning karate (to strengthen her lower arms) and toured around Australia. She is looking after her mother now, but in time she may do anything or go anywhere.   We have a great chat and immediately get on well together. It is good to have such a person nearby, and she ensures to call on her if I do need help.

Jean-Paul Sartre Having found a good spot to live I find myself now in a similar situation as the fictional character Antoine Roquentin in Jean-Paul Sartre's novel La Naussée.
Although 50 years older and not as rich I have, like AR, as yet no friends here and no sense of purpose.
But I am working at it.
Tomorrow I will visit a gathering of a social organisation Age Concern in the Oasis Bar at the eastern end of Mijas Peublo.
It provides advice, support, help and friendship for the over 50s (in age) of the local English speaking community. They have a weekly lunch at the Oasis Bar.
If suitable I may be able to offer some volunteer work of some kind. They have a Charity shop down the coast and I would not mind at all to help out there, provided I can get there easily enough. They also organise social activities and lectures, so there may be scope there as well. We will find out more tomorrow.

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Thursday & Friday, November 9-10 2017 (page 322)

Tapas at Bar Tomillo Limon
A small number of the 'Age Concern' social group in Mijas at Bar Tomillo Limon.
('Tomillo Limon' translates into 'Lemon Thyme')

The meeting with the Age Concern group went well beyond my expectations. The name had suggested to me a rather frail and older group of people, but nothing could be farther from the truth.
The Volunteer organization does provide transport to visit a hospital, doctor, etc. and listens to and helps with complains and problems.
But here in Mijas Peublo it is in first instance a happy social group of generally quite active people. Most are retired couples in their 60s or early 70s with a sprinkling of single people who preferred to remain here after their spouse died, instead of returning to the UK.

At 11am there are well over 20 people in the Oasis Bar, and I find myself happily accepted within the group immediately. I sense the same easy going close-knit association amongst them as we have at our Bridge4u club in Darwin. In this case the bonding agent is their permanent departure from the UK and enormous affection for Mijas Peublo.

Tomillo Limon Besides animated talk over a coffee & Soberano (together only €2.50 !), there is a regular program of simple activities to go through. First a €1 raffle, followed by a €1 card bingo (where spades are called "shovels" and clubs "grapes"), both with prizes to be won. Then finally a quiz put together by one of the volunteers.

The Oasis Bar has no regular kitchen and is mainly for drinks only, so at 1pm ten of us gravitate to the bar next door, Tomillo Limon, for a tapa and drinks. It is a really lovely place with modern, artistic ambience and a menu full of surprises.

During the meeting I have a long chat with the organizing volunteers Geoff and his wife Maggy. They both would love me to become a volunteer for the organization.
Their Charity shop in Los Boliches (near Fuengirola on the coast) is easy to get to by bus and I would be most welcome to help out there if I can. Opening times are on weekdays from 10.30am until 2pm, so quite convenient.
On Monday I will explore the route myself and have a look in the shop. I much prefer to do something entirely new and different like this, rather than having to fall back on my general experience in bridge or in music.

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