Awareness of our Life, within the World and Universe
by Michael Furstner

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Michael, July 2008 Introduction
We tend to live our daily lives within a small awareness bubble, which encompasses our work, family and friends, hobbies, entertainment, and a conscious time span of perhaps a year, from last week to what lies immediately ahead.

But there is more to life than just that. We have the unique opportunity to observe and contemplate the world and universe we live in and place ourself within this broader context. Below a number of Blog entries which attempt to deal with some of that.

As a qualified and experienced Philosopher of Knowledge (scientist in geology) I naturally lean towards absorbing the latest discoveries in physics, biology, etc. to arrive at my belief system and my personal insights. In this I rely heavily on authors like Brian Greene and Richard Dawkins, who possess the great gift of explaining some difficult concepts in straight foreward, easy to comprehend language.


  1 - The speed of travel, light and time
  2 - Matter is more precious than energy
  3 - Earth rotation speeds at the equator and poles

  4 - Mortal : a being who knows he is going to die
  5 - Your belief reflects what you know and understand
  6 - My departure from religion

  7 - A mass of just 20 pounds created the universe
  8 - General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
  9 - What an atheist knows or believes

10 - About evolution, compassion and morality
11 - Your conscious time frames
12 - Richard Dawkins : "The Selfish Gene"

13 - "Replicators" : genes and memes
14 - The four phases of life
15 - Genes, memes and the four phases of life
  16 - Development phases of a life and of humanity
17 - Meme collectors and meme creators
18 - Meme environments

19 - My different time frames in Europe and Australia
20 - My restlessness and the four phases of life
21 - Are you unique or the same as everyone else?

22 - Make decisions and follow your heart
23 - The purpose of life is life itself
24 - Genius is rarely appreciated by contemporaries

25 - Writing focuses your thinking and enriches your life
26 - Proust : We do not receive wisdom, we must discover it
27 - Past, present and future are but illusions of the human mind

28 - Spacetime and the Doppler effect
29 - We all live in an "apparent" reality
30 - About Entropy

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