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'37 Zutphen, The Netherlands Beukerstraat, then Coerhoornsingel
'42 Martinshof, Eefde At hamlet of 'Quatre Bras', 1½ km from Gorssel
'44 Wismar, Germany On the Baltic Sea
'45 Martinshof, Eefde Gorssel Primary school, Zutphen Lyceum
'55 Leiden, Leiden University Mostly at Hogewoerd 30
'63 Den Haag (The Hague) Statenlaan 28, Babette born ('64)
'64 Assen, Drenthe 42nd Afdeling Field Artillery
'66 Newcastle, NSW, Autralia With BHP, Geologist in coalmines
'68 Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Nickel Boom, Jeroen born ('70)
'72 Yonki, Highands PNG Ramu Hydroelectric Project
'75 Canberra, ACT, Australia Googong Dam construction
'78 Arawa, Bougainville Island, PNG Bougainville Copper Mine
'80 Adelaide, South Australia Consultant for Western Mining Corp (WMC)
'81 Martinshof, Eefde, The Netherlands Running and selling the family business
'84 Adelaide, South Australia Jazz studies, SA College of Advanced Education
'91 Nambour, Queensland Private music teacher, Jazclass online ('96)
'01 Darwin, Northern Territory Retired, Darwin Sailing Club volunteer, Jazclass online
'02 Tour around Australia In my van, in anti clockwise direction
'03 Darwin & Sunshine Coast, Qld. Camping dry seasons in Darwin, wet summers in SE Queensland
'07 Darwin, Europe, SS Coast Cruise Singapore-Lisbon, visit Wivica in Black Forest Germany
'08 Sunshine Coast and Darwin 3 months in Germany, brief visits to Holland and France
'09 Sunshine Coast and Darwin More active with bridge in Darwin
'10 Sunshine Coast and Darwin 2½ months in Germany, visit to Holland, Black Forest walks

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