Breda and Ossendrecht, West Brabant province, Netherlands

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Breda region
black = railway lines     red = main roads     blue = rivers     Bergen op Zoom - Breda = 35 km
The pink areas are below sea level

The Ossendrecht base camp was just SE of Bergen op Zoom, near the Belgium border (brownish dashed line). During night exercises recruits easily got lost, sometimes ending up across the border where they promptly were arrested by the Belgium police for invading their country. After a night in the cell they would arrive back, very very embarrased.
After 6 weeks of basic training in Ossendrecht I was transferred (in January 1964) to the School for Reserve Officers in the Artillery (SROA) in Breda.
Part of the mouth of the Schelde river connecting the port of Antwerpen (to the South) with the North Sea (to the West) is in the SW corner of the map. The railway line (in thick black) heading South from Roosendaal also leads to Antwerpen, then Brussels.