Assen in the province of Drente (The Netherlands)

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Region of Assen
black = railway lines       red = main roads       blue = rivers       Assen - Groningen = 30 km
Thin cross hatched blue/black lines are canals       The pink areas are below sea level

The 42nd Afdeling Field Artillery, where I was based was located along the South side of the Assen - Meppel Canal, heading West from Assen, then turning SW through Smilde and on to Meppel (not shown). Cafe van Houten was also located along the Canal's South side, just a few hundred meters West of the Army base. We lived North of the Canal, but there was a convenient foot bridge across right in front of the Cafe, which I used with great regularity.
We often made midnight expeditions to some of the hunnebedden around Anlo, Rolde or Gieten, celebrating these magnificent reminders of ancient times with a glass or two of wine.