De Veluwe, North Gelderland

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De Veluwe
black = railway lines       red = main roads       blue = rivers       Amersfoort - Apeldoorn = 50 km
The pink areas are below sea level

De Veluwe is an ancient sandy dune landscape, now largely covered with heather, bushes and trees, and located 100km inland from the sea. The Field Artillery training area was located at Oldenbroek (not shown), near the village of Ermelo. The gun target area was located just South of the Harderwijk - Amersfoort railway line, which has been hit by artillery shells on one or two very very rare occasions, provoking questions and outrage in Parliament.
As teenagers we sometimes cycled in one day from Gorssel to Harderwijk and back, a 120 km round trip. The great attraction besides the swimming was the smoked eel which was caught and produced there. Later I used to make the trip by car, sometimes with my mother.