Oom Ansco Dokkum, cousin Tom and me on the beach in Scheveningen

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Oom Ansco, cousin Tom and me

Oom Ansco Dokkum is also my "Peet oom" (Godfather). He was a ear/nose/throat specialist (took my tonsils out) and married to my Dad's sister Tinie. Also an enthusiastic sailor. He coached at the Nereus Student Race rowing Club in Amsterdam (I was at that time a coxswain at "Njord" in Leiden). In 1968 he was in charge of the Dutch Olympic Team at Mexico City.
My cousin Tom was his eldest son, half a year younger than me, who later became a successful brain surgeon, now retired.
Tom and I are sitting in one of the typical beach chairs you had on all beaches in Holland. You turn them with their back to the wind and are very nice and cosy to sit in.