'De Bedriegertjes', Kasteel Rosendael, Velp

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De Bedriegertjes

"De Bedriegertjes" (The liars") are a feature of Kasteel Rosendael near Velp, located on the Souther escarpment of the Veluwe overlooking the IJssel valley. The Bedriegetjes is a vantage point terrace from which one can admire this magnificient view over the valley and river. The tourist guide, when pushing a hidden lever, activates hundreds fo water spouts from tiny holes in the pavement, wetting any unsuspecting viewer.
My mother was the unfortunate victim of such event (around 1952-54), while dressed in her brand new very expensive silk "plisé dress" (pronounce "pleasay") from Spanier (top dress shop in Deventer). The dress was totally ruined.