Grotie's flat, Gevaers Deynootweg 43, Scheveningen
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Grotie's flat, Gevaers Deynootweg 43

Located one street behind the Scheveningse Boulevard and immediately behind the Societeit De Witte Summer Paviljoen.
Grotie's flat was on the left side above the central entrance on the first floor (above the ground floor window with poosters).
Grotie's best friend Aunt Ag Pander lived in the flat next to her on her right. Shortly after Aunt Ag died, Grotie moved inland to the Parelmoerhorst, nearer to Wassenaar.
Aunt Ag Pander's two sons ran the Pander family business, a large luxury furniture store in central Den Haag. They also I believe invented and produced the first "pandra", a round rotating tray placed in the center of a dining table (a "lazy Susie" ?).