Panorama van Mesdag, Noordeinde, Den Haag
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Panorama van Mesdag

About a 45° segment of the 360° cylindrical view of the Panorama. The panorama (of Schevening in the late 19th Century) was painted by Mesdag, his wife Stien and three other painters of the "Haagse School" on the inside of a huge canvas cylinder about 35 meters in diameter. The Painting took three months to create and was completed in 1880. An unforgettable, absolutely must see experience.   The basket and fish net in the foreground are real and lie on a layer of sand which hides the bottom edge of the painting.
The Summer residence of Societeit De Witte is shown on the right. In the dunes this side of it are now the Sprookjesbeelden aan Zee and the Beelden aan Zee museum. The highest roof on the right is the initial building which was later rebuilt as the present Kurhaus.