Glühwein bag
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A completely new one to me !
It being a rather cold evening (last Sunday) I ordered a glass of glühwein with my meal in the Jägerhaus Restaurant (St.Peter), and was much surprised when I was presented with a glass of wine with a teabag like bag dangling in it.
This however is an excellent way to make this warm drink, especially popular in Germany around December, with Christmas and New Year. The bag contains the typical flavours of the cinamon and other components of the typical glühwein and I must say it tastes really good. So I will probably take a supply of these bags back with me to Australia.

How do you make it ?
Simply heat a quantity of ordinary red wine to near boiling point, then pour it into a glass containing a glühwein bag, a slice of lemon and some sugar to taste, and bingo ! Your drink is ready.