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Contract Bridge
Part 1 (A-K)

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Lessons - Lesson Deals

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Acol - Bidding System
Acol 2 Openings

Alternative hand valuations - Bidding Guide p.1a - Bidding Guide p.17
alternative uses for 2NT and 3NT
alternative suit jump raises

American, Standard - Bidding System

assigning an 'Average score' - to a board

bidding in the auction
starting play after the auction
strategy in the auction

averaging Match points - in duplicate scoring

Avoidance play

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balanced - hand shape
balanced hand opening bids
21-22 points Opening bid (through a Multi-2D)

Banzai Point Count - Bidding Guide p.22

responder's 10 point barrier
opener's 15 point barrier

Bath Coup

Bergen raises - Bidding Guide

better minor opening bid

bidding in the auction

bidding a new suit
bidding a new suit response after 1 in a suit opnening
bidding up the line
bidding by a Passed hand
bidding by the Defence
reply by opener after a new suit response
reverse bid
when NOT to open the bidding

Bidding Guide

bidding priorities after a 1 in a suit opening

bidding sequence - Bidding Guide p.11

bidding slips - for silent bidding

Bidding Systems

Blackwood Convention : L23.1 - Bidding Guide p.14
Roman Keycard Blackwood - Bidding Guide p.14
3NT Blackwood
showing a void

bonus points - in scoring
bonus points for part-, game and slam-contracts

books - on bidding and play

'book', the - first 6 tricks made

Bridge Conventions

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calculating (for duplicate bridge)
IMPs - International Match Points (IMP Table)
match points
One Table scoring - Score sheets - Calculator

Cappelletti Convention - Bidding Guide p.27

card to lead - Bidding Guide p.18
Honour cards
retaining and displaying your card after each trick

card play techniques
fundamental strategy

card signals - books

cashing in your sure winners in a cross ruff game

Colour in RCO-2 Openings

bonus points for part score, game and slam contracts
Game contract - 100 trick points or more
valuation points required for part score, game and slam contracts


Crowhurst Convention
Crowhurst 2♣ - BG page 26 (12-15 pts range)
Crowhurst 2♣ - supBG page 3 (12-16 pts range)

Cue bidding by the Opening side
for Controls (investigating Slam) - Bidding Guide p.16
Long Suit Trial bid
Multi cues - advBG p.14

Cue bidding by the Defence - Bidding Guide p.15
Standard cue bid
Natural Cue bid over the minors
Michaels Cue bid over the majors

Cue bidding the Enemy suit - Bidding Guide p.20
as a Long Suit Trial bid
Forcing to Game
Bergen raises - Bidding Guide

Cuebid raises
by the Opening side
by the Defending side

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Dangerous Opponent, The

dealing the cards

Lesson Deals
Practice Deals 1-60

Deep finesse
Tripple finesse

starting play after the auction

bidding by the Defence
signals by the Defence
Overcalls and Take-out Doubles by the Defence - Bidding Guide p.8
Optional bids for the Defence - Bidding Guide p.15
Defence against Weak 2, 3, 4 Opening bids - Bidding Guide p.16
Play by the Defence
duck by the Defence
hold up by the Defence
knocking out Dummy's entries
Optional bids by the Defence

Delayed support - supBG p.15

developing a long Suit

diagonal line - in silent bidding

discarding losers
discarding losers on High cards

Direct finesse
against the King
against the Queen
Direct Double finesse

Double - what does it mean
"Double" sign - in silent bidding
Negative Double response - Bidding Guide p.13
Take-out Double - Bidding Guide p.8 Penalty Double
Support Double over an Enemy Overcall
DBL in RCO-2 Openings
DBL over an Enemy Overcall after a Minor suit opening bid
Bergen raises - Bidding Guide

Double finesse
Indirect Double finesse
Direct Double finesse

doubleton - holding only 2 cards in a suit
hand shape
shortage points

drawing trumps
drawing opponent's trumps FIRST

Drury 2♣ Convention - Bidding Guide p.26

to preserve an entry
to maintain trump control
to drop and Honour
to develop and extra trick
duck by the Defence

starting play after the auction

dummy reversal

Duplicate Bridge - brief description
all movement guide cards - also Table numbers and score sheets
all you need to play
check list
direction - Handbook
Director's responsibilities
duplicate board
Howell movements for pairs - guide cards - odd number of pairs
Individual movements - guide cards
making your own boards
Mitchell movements for pairs
number of boards required
Pairs or Individual movement
player's responsibilities
score sheet ('traveller')
silent bidding - Bidding slips

Dynamics of a lead

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8 card trump fit

End play
Throw in using a loser

duck to preserve an entry
knocking out Dummy's entries (by the Defence)

table manners
when dealing the cards

Extended Milton Point Count - Bidding Guide p.1

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5-4 super fit in a major trump suit

4-4 trump fit

4th suit forcing

5-3 trump fit

5 card Major - Bidding System
Bidding guide - assembly

final bid responses
after a 1 NT opening

Deep finesse
Double finesse
Direct finesse
8 ever, 9 never
Free finesse
Indirect finesse
Ruffing finesse
Safe finesse
Finesse thinking
Finessing when holding the Q and J
Defence against the finesse
Finesse by the Defence

forcing bids
forcing for 1 round
fourth bid forcing

Free finesse

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Game contract, 100 trick points or more - Bidding Guide p.1
bonus points game contracts
easy to remember - points required
raise bid to Game
valuation points required for game contracts

Gardener, Nico - books

Gerber, 4♣ Convention
RKC Gerber

Goren, Charles H. - Bidding System
Goren sytem 2 Opening bid

Grand Slam - winning all 13 tricks
bonus points for slam contracts
valuation points required for slam contracts

Groner, Alex - books

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hand - Bidding Guide p.1
alternative hand valuations - Bidding Guide p.1a - Bidding Guide p.17
hand evaluation
hand shape
high card points
length points
organising your hand
responses with 11-12 point hands
shortage points

high card from the short side first : Deal 1 - Deal 2 - Deal 4

high low card signals

Hold up
when you hold A x (x)
when you hold K x x
when you hold 2 Honours
when not to hold up
in trump contracts
by the Defence

Honour cards
which Honour card to lead in NT contracts
which Honour card to lead in trump contracts
Trump Honours asking bid - Bidding Guide p.16

Howell movements for pairs
guide cards
odd number of pairs

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IMPs - International Match Points (IMP Table)

Individual movements - for duplicate bridge
guide cards

indirect finesse
against the Ace
against the King
against the Queen
Indirect Double finesse

Inverted Minor suit raises

Invitation bid responses
after a 1 NT opening
by a Passed hand

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Jacoby 2NT response
Bergen raises - Bidding Guide

Jazclass recommendation
3NT Blackwood when a major suit fit has been revealed
3NT Blackwood after a Support Double
Multi-2♦ alternative uses for 2NT and 3NT

jump raise by opener
jump raise by responder
jump rebid by opener
jump shift by opener
jump shift by responder

Jump Overcall

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Kabel 3NT - advBG p.7

Key card ask through 4♣ or 4♦

Key Map - to illustration links

Klinger, Ron - books

Subject Index - Part 2

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