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LP 1 - Learn together with your friends

Why not get together with some of your friends who perhaps too would like to learn to play bridge ?   Learning in a group is always good as it will spur you on to work on it. It is also great to discuss what you have learnt with the others.
This is what I suggest you should consider.
  1. Get together three of your friends who would like to learn bridge.

  2. Study one lesson at a time of my online Course.
    Each of you can work on this independently at home at any convenient time.

  3. Set a target date by which time you all have gone through the agreed lesson and get together for a morning, afternoon or evening session to play the 12 practice hands provided for that lesson (see below).
This is probably the best and quickest way to learn the game and at the same time is a lot of fun too.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because from those you usually learn the most. Also don't fret for ages over each bid and each card you play. The more deals you play the quicker you learn, and by spending ages over each deal you only slow down the learning process.

After each deal you may have a short post mortem, but once again don't spend too long on this. Look up the correct bids in your copy of the Bidding Guide after each Deal, but do not look at it while you are bidding!

If you manage to get together 8 interested students you can use the 12 practice deals provided for a Duplicate bridge session after each lesson.

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LP 2 - The 60 Practice Deals

There are 12 practice deals for each of the five lessons (5 to 8).
Print out the deals and their answers. Let each of the players select the cards for his/her hand for each deal. Then the 'dealer', as indicated by an asterisk, starts with the first bid.

The deals for Lesson 4 all cover the material discussed in that lesson. For the following lessons deals relate to that lesson or to material from a previous lesson.

I have included the vulnerability for each deal and took this aspect into account in the score calculations shown on the answer pages.

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