Dolmen Bicycle tour - Stop 1.1 : D45 - Emmen
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D45 Locality map for  D45
D45 with Louis Napoleon

D45 - D43 = 2km
D45 lies on a prominent hill in the Emmerdennen park in Emmen, and a mere 10 minutes walk from the Railway station. The hill would have been quite a mountain to climb when the dolmen originally was covered with earth.

Cars are not permitted into the Emmerdennen, but there is parking space along the nearby Boermarkeweg.

It must have looked something like this when King Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, according to legend jumped with his horse onto D50.
The King visited the province of Drenthe in 1809 and, on invitation of the Landdrost of Drenthe, Petrus Hofstede, did a tour around the dolmens.
Hofstede managed during this trip to convert the King into a strong supporter to preserve these ancient and historic monuments in the province.