Dolmen Bicycle tour - Stop 1.2 : D43 - Emmen Schimmeres
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D43 Locality map for D43

D43 - D50 = 8km
D43 is a so-called Langgraf (long grave), the only one present in the Netherlands, but there are a few like this in North Germany.

Within an almost complete ring of 52 stones lie two grave chambers, covered by a 40 meters (45 yards) long earth hill.
The northern grave has 3 roof-stones which lie on 6 side- and 2 end-stones.
The southern grave originally had 5 roof-stones, of which only two have survived. Ten support-stones are also missing.
Both graves still have two entry support stones.

The Langgraf is located in Emmen, just west of the road to Odoorn. It can be accessed on foot on a short unsealed road. There is no parking space.