Dolmen Bicycle tour - Stop 1.5 : D30 - Exloo
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D30 Locality map for  D30

D30 - D28 = 6km
D30 is located along the ANWB-Hondsrug tourist route midden in the Exlooër woods and undergoes therefore a fair bit of punishment. In 2005 vandals attacked it with spray paint. The paint was pressure hosed off and the vandals caught, but the original natural look of the moss covered stones is now missing.

In contrast to the usual East-West orientation of the dolmens, D30's long axis is aligned in a North-South direction.

D30 was in 1918 systematically investigated by the archeologist Van Giffen. He found a number of floor layers, the oldest (and therefore lowest) of them being 1.7 meters (5 ft 8 inches) below the underside of the roof stones. This meant that the initial stone-age people could stand upright in this grave.   Besides shards of pots, Van Griffin also found stone axes and spear points, and burnt human bones. Three decorated bowls were also found within the fill material around the grave.