Dolmen Bicycle tour - Stop 1.6 : D28 and D29 - Buinen (near Borger)
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Locality map for D28 and D29 D28

D28 - hotel = 1km
D28 and D29 are located about 1 km East of the Borger town centre, and 100 meters south of the N374 road. There is a narrow dirt walking track to dolmen area. The two dolmen are about the same size.

D28, de most northerly one, has 3 roof-stones, still all 8 support-stones and 2 end-stones. One roof-stone and the entry-stones are missing.
D29 has 2 large and very flat roof-stones, one of which has slipped into the grave chamber. One roof-stone is missing but this dolmen still has 2 entry-stones and all of tits 10 support- and end-stones.

The 2 support-stones of D29 could possibly originally been just one stone. This lead hobbyist Frits Bom, in his novel "Het Mysterie van de Hunebedden" (The Mystery of the Dolmens) to suggest the ancient dolmen builders mastered advanced stone-splitting techniques.
It is indeed quite remarkable that some of the stones of many of the dolmens do have near perfect flat sides!
A number of archeologist agree that Bom's suggestion could certainly be a possibility. The exact technique used by the dolmen builders is not known. Alternating heating with fire and cooling with water could be a possible method.