Dolmen Bicycle tour - Stop 2.1 : D27 - Borger
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Locality map for D27 D27 - D21 = 2km
This giant grave, with a length of 22.5 meters (24 yards), is the largest dolmen in the Netherlands. It contains 9 roof-stones, 26 support-stones, 2 end-stones and a complete entry portal of one roof-stone and 4 support-stones.   Could this possibly have been the Head Quarters of the Trechterbekervolk (Funnel beaker people)?

The Groningse poet Titia Brongersma while fossicking in and around this dolmen in 1685 found quite a number of pots: "they all fell apart however, releasing a large quantity of human bones"
Unfortunately nothing of this has been saved. A pity, because human remains in Dutch dolmen have been rarely found.

But it must have been true, for in 1983 the 14-year old school girl René Edens found in and around D27 several decorated pot shards as well as a few human bones.
These have been analised recently and shown to be from the Bronse-age. This is a remarkable discovery, for it proves that these dolmen still were in use long after the Neolithicum.

Suggestions have been made to reopen the investigation on D27, but local archeologists have raised strong objections against this.
Next to D27 the old "Hunebedden Informatie Centrum" was replaced by the new Hunebedcentrum in 2005.