Dolmen Bicycle tour - Stop 2.2 : D21 - 25 Bronneger
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D21 D25

Locality map for D21 - D25 D21 - D14 = 9km
The area around Borger must have been an ideal living environment for the Trechterbekervolk (Funnel beaker people), for within a radius of 5km (3 miles) do we find not less than 11 dolmen.
Five of them are located near the village of Bronneger (D21 - D25). Of these D21 is the nicest and, because of the archeological finds there, also the most important one.

Although D21 has only 3 remaining roof-stones, the eye is caught by the majestic elm tree which functions also as one of the supports for the roof. Of the 8 support-, 2 end-stones, and the sole entry-stone only their tops extend above ground.

D21 has been thoroughly investigated by the archeologist Van Giffen in 1918, and with considerable success!
Besides several complete pots, shards were found of a total of 600 pieces of earthenware. Like several of the other investigated dolmen, the floor of D21 consisted of several layers on and in between which the artefacts were found.   After emptying the entire grave a space of 6.5 meters (35 ft) long, 2.2 meters (7 ft) wide, and 1-5 - 1.7 meters (5-5.8 ft) deep was revealed.
Once again standing height for the people of those days.

D25 is the 3rd of the triplet it forms with D23 and D24, or rather really the 1st, because it is larger and in better condition than the other two. D25 has 4 roof-stones, nicely placed on 8 support-stones and 2 end-stones, all of which extend only barely with their tops above ground.
The dirt track to the dolmen is clearly sign posted from Bronninger. A few hundred meters to the west of D23 lie D21 and D22 along the same track.