Dolmen Bicycle tour - Stop 2.4 : D13 - Eext
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D13 Locality map for D13 and D14

D13 - D8 = 8km
D13 is a very special dolmen. Firstly because it is (again) partly covered by earth and secondly because it is a so-called trapgraf (staircase grave) unique in Drenthe. Access to the grave chamber is through a stair well consisting of 4 steps.
Above ground 6 roof-stones and 2 end-stones are visible. One of the roof-stones was rediscovered in the village in 1976 and has been returned. Rumour has it that yet another roof-stone is located near the church of Eext.

In 1957 it was first discovered that underneath the hill a dolmen (D13) was present. Local public servant Johannes van Lier did then some digging around, finding and extracting "veele urnae en steenen beitels" (many urns and stone cutting tools). When the archeologist Van Griffen later also had a close look in 1927 there was not much left.