A Philosophy of Happiness
by Michael Furstner

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Michael Introduction
There are (I suggest) two distinct fields of Philosophy : "Philosophy of Knowledge" (science) and "Philosophy of Wisdom".
Both use the tools of logical analysis pioneered by the ancient Greek Philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, etc.

The Philosophy of Knowledge is based on facts and discoveries of the Natural sciences. (Having a Dutch Doctorandus degree in Geology from Leiden University, I am a qualified Philosopher of Knowledge.)

The Philosophy of Wisdom on the other hand attempts to define and understand more abstract areas of humanity (morality, politics, happiness) through the path of mental analysis and logic.   Unfortunately the contemporary Philosophy of Wisdom has developped into such a detailed and complex area of analysis that it has become difficult to grasp for anyone but outright experts.

Fortunately there are modern philosophers like André Comte-Sponville and Alain de Botton who have published excellent books on Philosophy which are written in common sense, simple language anyone can understand. I have taken some of their writings as basis for my own contemplations on a Philosophy of Happiness as outlined in the Blog segments below.

I have followed the advice of Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) that interesting ideas are to be found in every life.

Michel de Montaigne, Renaissence Philosopher

"We may all arrive at wise ideas if we cease to think ourselves as so unsuited to the task
because we aren't 2,000 years old,
aren't interested in Plato's dialogues
and live quietly in the country
You can attach the whole of moral philosophy to a commonplace private life just as well as to one of richer stuff."

Although I have only referred to my own personal experiences during the past 75 years of my life in these pages, I hope that they nevertheless may help you (dear reader) to find practical ways for defining and pursuing your own path towards Happiness.

  1. Don't shoot the messenger - Michel de Montaigne, MF

  2. The essential conditions for achieving Happiness - Epicurus

  3. Freedom alone is meaningless - Jean-Paul Sartre

  4. What to do about anti-social behavior - Schopenhauer, Nietzsche

  5. Happiness and the Family - Anthony Trollope, D.H. Lawrence

  6. Your home is important for your happiness - Alain de Botton

  7. Journeys are the midwives of Thought - Alain de Botton

  8. Happiness, Health and Evolution - The Economist, Bjorn Grinde

  9. Happiness and the Four Phases of Life - MF

  10. The path of Emotional Tolerance - Bjorn Grinde, MF
  1. The U-bend of Life - The Economist

  2. Am I still relevant ? - MF

  3. Beauty is the promise of Happiness - Stendhal, MF

  4. Beauty - Truth - Happinens - John Keats, Stendhal, MF


    What's Love got to do with it ? - MF

    Confucius and Happiness - Michael Puett, Christine Gross-Low, MF

    Fluffies : small gifts of Happiness - Pam Swain, MF

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