Lesson Material - General files

The Lesson Material Table at the end of each lesson contains exercises and reference material for you to print out.

  1. Keep the scales, chords and other practice material in a separate Practice Folder. All pages which go into that folder are numbered as shown in the Contents Page.

  2. Each Lesson also includes a Facts sheet. Keep these in a separate Reference folder.

  3. Other general files are :
    1. Keyboard Diagrams
    2. Manuscript paper
    3. Scale Letters Diagrams
    4. Chord Letters Diagrams
    5. Chord Inversion Diagrams
Print as many sheets of these as you like and use them for writing out intervals, scales and chords in all keys.
Be sure to use these devices for testing your knowledge on scales and chords.
They will help you to build a collection of visual images of scales, chords and other musical elements in your mind.

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